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* concept
国内外のハイクオリティな生地にこだわる帽子ブランド。SHIRAKURAはプチ・バカンスに連れていきたくなる様なプレシャスで遊び心のある帽子作りをしています。”RETORO−MODERN x 今の時代のフィーリング”のリミックスモードがエッセンスです。”自分らしい美意識や装い”をさらりと楽しめるデザインワークを発信しています。
* material
* works
自らのブランドをスタートする以前、テキスタイルと服飾雑貨のデザイナー時代に国内外の素敵な素材に多く出会ったことが帽子製作への興味に繋がりました。帽子としてあまり使われていないプレミアムな生地を時代の気分でコンフォード・モードに製作しています。一方ではお気に入りの空間に置きたくなる様な*オブジェHat のクリエーションを手掛けています。
* personal order

<Designer Profile> 白倉 優子 / YUKO SHIRAKURA



*Designer, Modist of hat
*Director of accessories goods

Born in Kofu-city in Japan. She started her artistic career with oil paintings in high school, and she was engaged in textile design for several years. Afterwards, she worked in accessories design in a Japanese company. At the same time, she learned how to craft hat work. She created her own hats brand‘SHIRAKURA’in July 2001. She has been working while learning the hautecouture hat work in Paris from 2005 to 2007. Currently she continues her creation in Tokyo
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  Mainly Made in Japan
★Design, Production and wholesale of SHIRAKURA brand
★Design and Planning of Accessories goods of client stores.
 (Items: hats, bags, scarves, corsages, gloves, parasols. others)

  Mainly Made in Japan.

Concerning SHIRAKURA Hats

Our valuable mind is a hat with the high-quality cloth of domestic and foreign.
Our image is a hat that you would like to take with the petit vacation.
Style is Remix-Mode, nostalgic with a contemporary feeling.
We are conscious of design to be able to enjoy with your sense of beauty and style

* material
Many hats are made with materials for hats.
SHIRAKURA selects cloth among wider range, and create with contemporary sense.

* works
SHIRAKURA was interested in making hat by meeting the premium cloth.
She touched much
wonderful material in the world when she was textile and
accessories designer.
Our designs convey a
comfort and stylish fashion mode by prmium cloth.
On one hand, she creates motif of free imagination

* personal order
If you have something request, we create presonal hat for you.
We snuggle up to making of your hat with your lifework scene.